My Book

My PhD thesis is now published as a book by Lambert Academic Publishing:


Year Title Publisher

The Study of Short Run and Long Run Effects of Trade Liberalization on Iran’s Wheat Import - M. Monjezi, S. Ghobadi, S.M. Afghah

Journal of Economics and Agricultural Development, Vol. 24, No. 4, Winter 2011


Review of Factors Affecting Iran's Tourism Demand (1971-2007) - Afghah M., Namvar E

Quarterly Journal of Heritage & Tourism, Vol. 1, No. 2, July-September 2010


Measurment of Poverty Intensity in Khuzestan Province During 1997-2006 - Afghah M., Ghanavati T.

Quarterly Journal of Quantitative Economics, Vol. 6, No. 2, Summer 2009


Harmful Social Effects of Drug Addiction Amongst Youths in Rural Areas: Case study of Ahvaz Rural Areas - SamAra, E., Karduni, R., Daghaghele, A., Afghah, M

Eqtesad-e Keshavarzi va Towse-e, vol. 11, No.3, Autumn 2009

2001 The Effects of Non-economical Factors on Production in Iran (ISBN: 9781860644641)

I. B. Tauris Publisher, London


• The effect of Labour Laws on production and employment (Edinburgh, UK - December 2000).

• Islam & Development in: Iran (The Northeastern University, USA - April 1999).

• The effects of Non-economic factors in Iran’s Development (19th Annual CIRA Conference, Toronto, Canada - April 2001).

• Two papers on ‘Non-Economic Barriers on Economic development'  (Annual Humanities Iranian students in the UK - 1995-96).

• The following seminars in the Economics Department of Shahid Chamran University between 2001 and 2006:

Development and security, Schumpeter and Entrepreneurship, A review on Khuzestan’s Economy, Analysis of the Post Revolution Economy of Iran.

• Presenting population and development in Department of Health of Isfahan University (2002).

• Two papers on "The role of women in sustainable development" and "Women’s poverty and its effects on economic development.


مطلبی پیرامون اقتصاد مقاومتی که خلاصه ای از آن در خبر گزاری ایسنا در تاریخ 10 مرداد 91 منتشر شد

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