• The effect of Labour Laws on production and employment (Edinburgh, UK - December 2000).

• Islam & Development in: Iran (The Northeastern University, USA - April 1999).

• The effects of Non-economic factors in Iran’s Development (19th Annual CIRA Conference, Toronto, Canada - April 2001).

• Two papers on ‘Non-Economic Barriers on Economic development'  (Annual Humanities Iranian students in the UK - 1995-96).

• The following seminars in the Economics Department of Shahid Chamran University between 2001 and 2006:

Development and security, Schumpeter and Entrepreneurship, A review on Khuzestan’s Economy, Analysis of the Post Revolution Economy of Iran.

• Presenting population and development in Department of Health of Isfahan University (2002).

• Two papers on "The role of women in sustainable development" and "Women’s poverty and its effects on economic development.

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